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C h l o é

"The wounded healer is someone who has suffered and has transformed that suffering into healing."

Irvin Yalom

Chiron, an ancient Greek mythological healer born as a centaur – half-human and half-horse – faced the rejection and abandonment of his own mother, inflicting deep emotional wounds he would carry throughout his life.

Chiron used his experiences as a catalyst for growth and transformation, inspiring him to pursue the healing arts. He became a wise and skilled healer, teacher, and mentor, giving to others that which he himself most needed.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung - one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century - used Chiron as the archetype for what he described as "the wounded healer" - healthcare practioners (therapists, doctors and nurses) who follow their wounds into the profession. This applies to up to 82% of North American psychotherapists (Victor & al., 2021).

Jung believed that wounded healers can provide a deeper level of empathy, patience and understanding, provided - and this is crucial - that the therapist is aware of their wounds and has done (and is still doing) the work. 

When describing my work to others, I often say that my sessions simply involve two wounded humans talking – the difference being that one has been there before, allowing them to serve as a compass for the other.


Without a doubt, it is my own wounds, experiences and healing journey that drove me to pursue an education and a career in mental health. Each therapy session I have - whether I am the therapist or the client - is a wonderful reminder of just how right this path is for me.

The therapeutic process is not just about healing wounds and alleviating suffering; it’s also about the entire experience of therapy itself. Throughout my own healing journey, I've encountered therapists of varying degrees of effectiveness: some suboptimal, a few unethical, several average, others not the right fit, and many who were absolutely outstanding.


The exceptional therapists I’ve had the privilege of working gave me firsthand experience of the awareness, compassion, understanding, fulfillment, and healing that can come from the therapeutic journey, even when the road is painfully rocky.

It's the ripple effect of wanting to share what I have learned and experienced not only academically, but through my own life experiences, to show others that you can make meaning out of your pain, and that it is possible to be in the deep end of the pool and to come out a better swimmer.

I would be honored to accompany you on your own journey towards healing, to help guide and empower you to discover and pursue your True North.

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